Family Activities In Brisbane

Immerse yourself in a magical journey through the sun-soaked city of Brisbane, renowned for its family-friendly destinations. This article is designed to guide you through the exciting twists and turns of Brisbane’s family activities, packed with thrilling adventure, serene nature encounters, and mind-blowing educational experiences. Explore the rich tapestry of activities that Brisbane has to offer. From the iconic zoos and aquariums to innovative science centres, every turn guarantees a fresh burst of excitement for you and your little ones. So, let’s embark on this fun-filled odyssey in the heart of Australia’s sunshine state!

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Exploring the City Botanic Gardens

When you’re in the heart of Brisbane and wish to step away from city life and soak in some nature, the City Botanic Gardens is the place to be.

Historical Background of the Botanic Gardens

You could feel the history that has grown over the years just by being present in these gardens. Established in 1855, the City Botanic Gardens have become an embodiment of botanical heritage and natural beauty. Known as the city’s oldest park, this garden has served as the green heart of Brisbane, preserving trees that date back to the 19th century.

Attractions within the Gardens

Being in these lush gardens, you might feel like you’ve slipped away into a different world. The gardens house various attractions like bamboo groves, mangrove boardwalks, and ornamental ponds. Don’t miss the chance to spot the colorful avian species residing in the exotic gardens such as the Australian white ibis and the Pacific black duck.

Children Programs and Activities

The City Botanic Gardens holds a special corner for the kids as well. From interactive displays to workshops and play areas, your children will surely immerse themselves in the joy of exploring nature.

Picnic Areas and Facilities in the City Botanic Gardens

Plan a fun picnic with your family amidst the scenic beauty of these gardens. You might find a spot under an aged, shady tree, perfect for some relaxing family time. The Gardens also offer public restroom arrangements and various refreshment facilities around the area.

Visiting the Queensland Art Gallery

Stepping into the Queensland Art Gallery is like stepping into a vibrant world of art, culture, and history.

Introduction to Queensland Art Gallery

Since its founding in 1895, the Queensland Art Gallery has become a beacon of artistic evolution, showcasing a range of collections which span across centuries and continents.

Current Exhibitions and Displays

Step into the grand gallery spaces and get engulfed in a visually enchanting journey of innovative and stunning artwork. You will find permanent exhibits presenting the work of great artists, mixed with temporary exhibitions that bring refreshing energy to the gallery.

Children’s Art Centre in QAGOMA

Your children would love to visit the Kids’ Art Centre in QAGOMA, where their curiosity can go rampant with interactive artwork and installations specifically designed for young minds. This would provide a great opportunity for your child to experience an engaging insight into the world of art.

Frequently Held Workshops for Families

The gallery often conducts workshops and programs for families where you and your family can indulge in creating, understanding, and appreciating art together.

A Day at The Queensland Museum

Insight into The Queensland Museum

The Queensland Museum, through its plethora of specimens and artifacts, tells the story of the state’s natural history, cultural heritage, and scientific achievements. It creates an atmosphere of exploration and learning that extends to all age groups.

Must-Visit Exhibitions for Families

Each exhibition in this museum presents a unique universe of knowledge and discovery. The interactive exhibitions like the Sciencentre let the kids learn while they play. The Lost Creatures exhibit takes one through the prehistoric age of dinosaurs and megafauna, and is a favourite among children.

Learning Center and Activities for Kids

Educational programs are implemented in creative and enthralling ways to facilitate learning among children. The museum also hosts events resembling treasure hunts and craft sessions, adding a fun twist to learning.

Planning Your Visit to the Museum

To make the most of your visit, plan your trip on a weekday as the Museum tends to be busiest over the weekend. Make sure to check the museum’s website for timings and any scheduled events or exhibits beforehand.

Relax at the South Bank Parklands

Introduction to South Bank Parklands

Situated near Brisbane’s city centre, the South Bank Parklands is a recreational, cultural, and educational hub—providing numerous options for a resourceful day under the bright Brisbane sun.

Family Friendly Facilities at the Parklands

Whether it’s the attractively landscaped gardens or Streets Beach – Australia’s only beach-style lagoon in the middle of the city, the Parklands guarantee a delightful experience. The Parklands are also home to various children’s playgrounds perfect for an active and fun day out with the family.

Events and Performances at Streets Beach

Witness a range of performances and events conducted at Streets Beach. Music concerts, food festivals, and movie nights under the stars—there are events to cater to different tastes.

Food Options Available in and around South Bank Parklands

Take a break from your adventures at one of the many cafés and restaurants in the Parklands. Choose from a variety of culinary options or enjoy a picnic on the vast, open lawned areas.

Experience the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

About Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Founded in 1927, the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary stands as the world’s oldest and largest koala sanctuary. It is a unique opportunity to interact with Australia’s iconic wildlife species.

Interactive Experiences and Animal Encounters

Experience the joy of feeding kangaroos and holding a koala. The interactive experiences and animal encounters are unlike any other, making it a memorable trip for the family.

Educational Programs for Children

The Sanctuary also conducts informative presentations and activities that engage children in a deeper understanding of half a century’s conservation efforts and the species they are working to protect.

Tips for Visiting Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

Plan the day ahead using the Sanctuary map available on their website. Make sure to check the timings for the daily activities to provide your children with an enriching and enjoyable experience.

Travel in the Wheel of Brisbane

Overview of Wheel of Brisbane

The Wheel of Brisbane offers a panoramic view of the vibrant city of Brisbane. Standing at 60 meters high, it provides a uniquely exhilarating experience.

Great Views from the Wheel

From the top, you can enjoy 360-degree panoramic views of the bustling city’s landmarks. Observing Brisbane city from such heights is a fascinating experience.

Family Packages and Deals for the Wheel

Catering to families, there are special packages and discounted ticket prices available. Also, children below four years of age ride for free!

Best Time and Tips to Visit the Wheel of Brisbane

To enjoy the spectacular city lights, consider riding the Wheel at night. But if you prefer a bird’s eye view of the city in natural light, a daytime ride is recommended.

Family Activities In Brisbane

Adventure at Mt Coot-tha

Family Hiking Opportunities at Mt Coot-tha

A trip to Mt Coot-tha offers a plethora of options for family fun and adventure. Hiking up the mountain trails might be the perfect activity for your outdoorsy family.

Offered Tours and Nature Walks

Guided tours can make your journey educational, exciting, and invigorating. Expert guides explain about native plants and animals along the trails, giving you a glimpse into the area’s rich biodiversity.

Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens and Planetarium

The Mt Coot-tha Botanic Gardens is a green wonderland waiting to be explored. Don’t forget to visit the Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium located within the premises, and let your family stargaze in the cosmic sky dome.

Tips for Travelling to Mt Coot-tha

Carry water and apply strong sunscreen while venturing on the hiking trails. Stop at the Lookout Restaurant for a hearty meal after a strenuous hike.

Delight in the Brisbane Powerhouse

Introduction to Brisbane Powerhouse

Brisbane Powerhouse is a visually stunning arts venue where you can experience music, theatre, dance, comedy, and more. Its space, which was restored from a decommissioned power station, marries the uniqueness of a historical site with modern architecture.

Performances and Shows Suitable for Kids

Various shows and performances suitable for kids are held here, making it an excellent family-friendly destination. Their children’s programs, such as “Power Kids” and “Little ArtLab”, are beautifully designed to engage children and encourage their creativity.

Workshops and Programs for Families

The Powerhouse also conducts workshops and programs for families to ensure everyone can fully engage in creative arts.

Dining Options in the Powerhouse

Individuals and families can enjoy the dining option within the Powerhouse. It hosts one of Brisbane’s favourite food markets and top-notch restaurants for a unique dining experience.

Family Activities In Brisbane

Ferry Cruise on Brisbane River

Introduction to Brisbane River Cruises

Brisbane river cruises offer an unforgettable journey along the iconic Brisbane River. Enjoy the calming boat ride and leave behind the rush of the city.

Sights and Stops along the Brisbane River Cruise Route

You’ll pass by the city’s most prominent attractions, including the Kangaroo Cliffs, South Bank parklands, and the Story Bridge. Some cruises allow for disembarking to explore these sites.

Family Packages for the Ferry Cruise

Consider opting for a family package. Several cruises have family deals that allow you to make most of this relaxing experience.

Planning Your Ferry Cruise

Check the cruise timetable, and consider what time suits your family the best. Evening cruises give an aesthetic view of the well-lit cityscape.

Appreciate Nature in D’Aguilar National Park

Introduction to D’Aguilar National Park

D’Aguilar National Park is a spectacular piece of wilderness located on Brisbane’s doorstep. It hosts a picturesque blend of open eucalypt woodlands, subtropical rainforests and gorges with breathtaking panoramic views.

Family-friendly trails in D’Aguilar

The National Park offers a variety of family-friendly trails suitable for all ages. Make sure to hike at your own pace and enjoy the beautiful landscapes.

Wildlife at D’Aguilar National Park

The green sanctuary is bustling with life – from colourful bird species to a large community of marsupials and reptiles.

Tips for Families Visiting D’Aguilar National Park

To ensure a pleasant visit, pack a picnic and carry plenty of water. Also, check the weather forecast before your visit and plan your activities accordingly.

Family Activities In Brisbane