Living In Cairns Australia

Nestled between the fascinating rainforests and the mesmerizing Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia, is your next destination worth living. Thinking about sipping your morning tea while basking in the warm tropical climate? Or perhaps, you fancy throwing your line in the water and feeling the tug of a mighty Marlin on the other end? In the heart of Far North Queensland, Cairns offers you not just captivating landscapes and adventurous outdoor activities, but a great lifestyle embedded in a rich cultural heritage. This article about “Living in Cairns, Australia” is your guide to explore every nook and corner of this inviting city that holds the promise of a vibrant lifestyle just for you. From the comfortable, tropical weather to the lively social scene, your journey through Cairns will be nothing short of a vivid feast for your senses.

Natural Beauty of Cairns

“You’re truly in for a treat if you appreciate the gifts nature has to offer. The natural beauty of Cairns is an amalgamation of enchanting landscapes, pristine beaches, eclectic wildlife, and some of the world’s most recognised natural wonders.

Scenic Landscapes

From rolling green hills to tantalizing views of the Coral Sea, the scenic landscapes in Cairns are a treat for the senses. Whether you are exploring the panoramic views from the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway or taking a drive amid the picturesque landscapes, you’re certain to be encompassed by a vibrant canvas of Australian natural beauty.

Beautiful Beaches

Cairns is recognized globally for its tranquil and scenic beaches. With warm golden sands under your feet, you could spend whole days just lounging on the beach or swimming in the clear blue waters. Each beach in Cairns offers a unique ambiance, ensuring you have something new to experience each time.

Exotic Wildlife

Being home to a diverse range of unique and exotic wildlife, Cairns is an animal lover’s paradise. From rainforest expeditions to underwater explorations, the variety and beauty of the local fauna never fail to impress.

Great Barrier Reef

A must-visit for any Cairns resident or tourist is the breathtaking Great Barrier Reef, the largest coral reef system on the planet. The colors and vibrant aquatic life make it a diver’s paradise that’s nothing short of a surreal experience.

Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree Rainforest, one of the oldest continually surviving rainforests, offers a mystical journey through nature’s beauty. It’s an ideal place for hiking, bird watching, and discovering an array of unique species.

Climate and Weather

Climate greatly influences the way of life in Cairns. With its tropical climate, the city boasts consistent warm temperatures throughout the year, though with varying rainfall.

Tropical Climate

The tropical climate in Cairns is characterized by hot and humid summers, and warm winters. An island wardrobe with an emphasis on lightweight and breathable attire will serve you well here.

Seasonal Variations

Cairns experiences two distinct seasons, the ‘Dry’ from May to October, and the ‘Wet’ from November to April. The Dry season brings warm, clear days and cooler nights, while the Wet season is characterized by high humidity and regular rainfall.

Weather Patterns

While Cairns does have some weather patterns, they are typically mild. Rain showers are usually brief and are often followed by sunshine.

Coping with Heat and Humidity

For those unaccustomed to Cairns’ heat and humidity, adapting can take time. Staying hydrated, using air conditioning, and making use of shady areas when outdoors can all help in adjusting to the tropical weather.

Living In Cairns Australia

Housing and Accommodation

When it comes to housing and accommodation, Cairns offers a variety of options suitable for different lifestyles and financial circumstances.

Housing Market

The housing market in Cairns has seen steady growth over the years. Whether you’re looking for a modern apartment or a traditional Australian house, the city caters to a myriad of tastes and budgets.

Renting Vs Buying

The choice between renting or buying a home in Cairns depends on your long-term plans and financial capacity. While renting can be more flexible, buying can turn out to be a good investment if you plan on staying long-term.

Best Suburbs to Live in

The best suburbs to live in Cairns often depend on individual preferences. Suburbs like Edge Hill, Redlynch, and Trinity Beach are popular choices, each offering unique charm and amenities.

Accommodation Types

Cairns real estate industry offers a wide range of residences, from luxurious waterfront apartments, serene suburban homes, to affordable student apartments. It caters to both temporary and permanent residents.

Job Opportunities in Cairns

Cairns offers diverse job opportunities across key industries, contributing to a vibrant employment market and appealing work-life balance.

Key Industries

Tourism, agriculture, and marine are the key industries in Cairns, followed by retail, healthcare and social assistance. These sectors fuel the local economy and provide numerous job opportunities.

Employment Market

The employment market in Cairns is relatively stable, with a steady increase in job opportunities over the years. Seasonal variations do occur, especially in industries like tourism.

Job Searching Tips

Networking, building an Australian-style resume, and exploring online job boards are crucial for a successful job search in Cairns. Persistence and adaptability can take you a long way here.

Work-life Balance

Living in Cairns, you’ll find that the lifestyle promotes a healthy work-life balance. The beautiful surroundings, laid back atmosphere, and ample recreational opportunities encourage regular relaxation and unwinding.

Living In Cairns Australia

Education in Cairns

Cairns boasts a strong education system, with an array of schools, higher education institutions, and training programs catering to residents’ diverse learning needs.

School System

The school system in Cairns comprises public, private, Catholic, and independent schools. Schools here are committed to providing a high-quality education that fosters holistic student development.

Higher Education Institutions

Cairns is home to several higher education institutions, including James Cook University – one of the world’s leading institutions in marine biology and environmental studies. Central Queensland University also provides an assortment of courses based on Cairns’ industries.

Study Abroad Opportunities

Cairns is a popular destination for international students due to its safe environment, high education standards, and the chance for students to explore the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree Rainforest.

Vocational and Training Programs

Besides traditional schooling and tertiary education, Cairns also offers vocational and training programs, equipping students with practical skills in industries such as hospitality, construction, and healthcare.

Healthcare Services

Healthcare services in Cairns are robust and comprehensive, ensuring residents have access to quality medical care whenever they need it.

Public Healthcare

Public healthcare in Cairns includes several public hospitals and health facilities. These facilities are funded by the government and aim to provide accessible healthcare to everyone.

Private Healthcare

In addition to public healthcare, there are numerous private hospitals and clinics across the city, offering a wide range of medical services. However, these usually have higher costs compared to public facilities.

Health Insurance

Residents and temporary visitors in Cairns are advised to take out health insurance to cover any healthcare costs. This is especially important for non-residents as they may not be eligible for public healthcare benefits.

Hospitals and Clinics

Whether you require a routine check-up, an emergency treatment, or specialist services, there is a multitude of hospitals and clinics in Cairns to cater to your needs.

Living In Cairns Australia

Transportation in the City

Efficient transportation is essential for comfortable living, and Cairns provides a wide array of transport options.

Public Transportation

Public transportation in Cairns mainly consists of an extensive bus network that connects the city center with suburban areas. The Sunbus service is affordable, convenient, and covers most of the city.

Road Network

The road network in Cairns is comprehensive, connecting Cairns to other parts of Queensland. Regular maintenance and investment ensure that the roads are safe and smooth for driving.

Air Travel

Cairns Airport is one of Australia’s busiest international airports, connecting the city to the rest of Australia and the world. Its advanced facilities and multiple airline options make air travel easy and convenient for residents and visitors alike.

Cycling and Walking Paths

Cairns is very pedestrian-friendly, with well-maintained footpaths and cycling tracks throughout parks and along the waterfront.

Leisure Activities and Entertainment

Cairns offers a plethora of leisure activities and entertainment options. Whether you enjoy sports, culture, nightlife, or shopping, there’s something for everyone here.

Sports and Recreation

Cairns offers numerous sports and recreation opportunities such as golf, tennis, and water sports like surfing and scuba diving. The city is also home to the Cairns Taipans, a prominent team in the National Basketball League.

Cultural Events

With diverse roots, Cairns is a cultural hub, with numerous art galleries, museums, and cultural festivals taking place throughout the year. Here, you can delve into Indigenous history or experience the city’s rich arts scene.

Nightlife and Dining

Cairns buzzes vibrant nightlife with a mix of clubs, bars, and pubs to choose from. Dining options are abundant, offering local specialties, international cuisines, and fresh seafood.

Shopping and Markets

Imports, thrift buying, or local artistry, Cairns’ shopping environment accommodates varying tastes and budgets. Regular farmers’ markets also offer fresh produce and locally made goods.

Community Life and Social Aspects

Living in Cairns also provides a dynamic community life with various social aspects.


Cairns boasts a diverse demographic, with a great mix of locals and expats, contributing to rich cultural experiences and a vibrant lifestyle.


Cairn’s lifestyle is laid back yet filled with energy. With a deep appreciation for nature and the outdoors, the community is environmentally conscious and friendly.

Safety and Security

Cairns is generally safe with a low crime rate. Still, like any other city, it encourages residents to exercise common sense and take necessary precautions.

Social Events and Festivals

Social events and festivals play a significant role in community life in Cairns. Whether it is the annual Chinese New Year celebrations or the Cairns Indigenous Art Fair, these events offer opportunities to immerse in the local culture.

Visa and Immigration

Migration to Cairns, like any other international move, requires understanding of the visa requirements and immigration process.

Visa Requirements

The visa you require depends on your purpose of visit, whether for tourism, study, or work. It’s essential to thoroughly research and apply for the appropriate visa.

Immigration Process

The immigration process can be complex but is manageable with diligent preparation. It involves stages like submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI), receiving an invitation to apply, and finally applying for a visa.

Residency and Citizenship

After spending a certain period in Australia, you might be eligible to apply for permanent residency or citizenship. This would allow you to enjoy additional benefits and rights.

Support Services for Expats

Cairns offers a variety of support services for expats, including dedicated information centers, social clubs, and community organizations to assist in your journey of settling down in this vibrant city.

Living in Cairns is an incredible experience filled with numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. With its natural beauty, friendly residents, and relaxed lifestyle, it’s a captivating destination that becomes home for those who choose to make the move.

Living In Cairns Australia